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Digital Hospitality Solutions

Making your day to day running of your business quick and easy.  Check out our full list of functionality 


Features Overview

Our confidential software offers 3 main segregated levels and associated functions which are role specific.  This creates a platform that is intuitive and easy to use without losing functionality.

Staff Dashboard


Staff LOVE using our app as it makes it easier to communicate with the boss!  They can do things like:

  • Clock in/out without ever forgetting thanks to our geo-fence technology
  • Digitally store all their documents and keep them up to date with our automatic notification system
  • Be notified of any tasks required of them so they are never stuck for something to do!
  • Be kept up to date with all changes within their company.


Hate paperwork?  Never finding time to get to the office?  You'll love our confidential system!

  • Assign tasks ahead of time and even assign them with ease
  • Assigning each task creates accountability ensuring its completed and being able to repeat them at set intervals will reduce your workload
  • Complete cash reconciliation directly on the app giving you better insights into current and future staffing decisions  
  • No more spending hours inputting payroll data
  • Filing is out the window with everything being stored in the cloud
Staff checklists


All managers spend too much time in the office but its not always playing games and wasting time!  Speed up these tasks by removing duplication of data entry and needless filing of forms.  Save money on printing costs and help the environment too!

  • View all the key metrics for all your bars in one simple place
  • Have better control over your resources with confidentiality 
  • Know your compliance is being looked after at all times
  • With daily wage % figures, you can act faster to lower staffing costs


Our software is charged per month based on the number of employees you have on each site to offer you the best possible value for money.

Up to 30


  • All features
  • Support
  • Training

Up to 75

£100 p/m

  • All features
  • Support
  • Training


Up to 150

£175 p/m

  • All features
  • Support
  • Training

Over 150

Contact us for custom pricing

  • All features
  • Support
  • Training

Contact Us

Being from a hospitality background we love to talk so if you want to know more about what we can offer, have some friendly advice or know someone who would be interested get in touch!


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